rainbow_beautiful_devon-smallYou Can Have Peace In Your Life!
Simply… Easily… Naturally…

The Fundamental Principals of  “THE SECRET”
are in the Ishayas’ Ascension Techniques.

Whether you are looking for simple stress relief
or the key to the highest levels of Human Consciousness,

The Ishayas’ Ascension
® offers both.

Your heart has led you to search, and to keep on searching,
for that one thing that will transform your life.

Trust your heart, listen…
there is a pathway to that inner longing for peace…
the search is over.
Through a series of profoundly effective (yet simple) techniques,
you have the choice to change your life —
to whatever degree you want,
and no belief is required.(Really!)

Why is The Ishayas’ Ascension® so incredibly effective?  

Because the techniques are based on the fundamental principles of
Praise, Gratitude and Love.
Those “ascending” positive, inspirational emotions
that science and medicine finally recognize
as essential to our peace of mind and physical wellness.

They are the fundamentals of “The Secret”.
In this moment, you can make a new choice,
a choice that will change your life forever.
Learn the ascension techniques…
You can step beyond stress and self-limiting beliefs…
Simply, easily and naturally.

Contact The Ishayas’ Ascension® at ishaya@ishaya.com

  •        You can reach the highest levels of Human Consciousness
  •        Quickly free your nervous system from stress
  •        Enjoy maximum creativity, clarity and health
  •        Experience inner peace, fulfillment and joy
  •        Find out Who you Really Are!